Abhind is an avant-garde jazz trio from Kolkata, India which is composed of :
– Pierre-Antoine Lasnier
– Aniruddh Saha
– Arka Chakraborty

Abhind, a jazz trio from Kolkata, India creates an eclectic mix of music which cannot be reduced to a single format or a particular shape. The sound is magnified through the dialogue of human interactions within the band and experiments with new sounds in search of fresh musical horizons. The aim is to transcribe the multiplicity of life, emotions, people and places with a documentary shape through avant-garde music. The first album « From Kolkata » represents the first part of this collective research and was made in 2017. It was created entirely in the heart of Bengal and find its roots in this city. The compositions are by Pierre-Antoine Lasnier, which reflect his journey from Paris to Kolkata and are arranged by the band collectively. The second album is planned for beginning 2019.

From Kolkata




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